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Global economic outlook world economic forum annual. The itf transport outlook provides an overview of recent trends and nearterm prospects for the transport sector at a global level, as well as longterm prospects for transport demand to 2050, for freight maritime, air and surface, passenger transport car, rail and air and co2 emissions. Global economic prospects is a world bank group flagship report that examines global economic developments and prospects, with a special focus on emerging market and developing economies. Oecd economic outlook european strategy and policy analysis. The oecd, with its widely known annual economic outlook, remains an authoritative source of advice for governments and business on international economic matters. Burundi african economic outlook 2017 after a recession in 2015 that saw gdp contract by 3. The global economy faces its biggest danger since the financial crisis. Session note responsible business conduct and stateowned enterprises thursday 29 june 2017 16. The us election has led to higher bond yields and a highervalued us dollar based on. Press release, oecd sees global economy strengthening, but says further policy action needed to catalyse the private. Oecd 2019, oecd economic outlook, volume 2019 issue 1, no. Downside risks dominate myanmars economic outlook, which includes global economic uncertainty, the rakhine crisis and domestic.

The oecd economic outlook is the oecds twiceyearly analysis of the major. Itf transport outlook 2017 itf transport outlook 2017 the itf transport outlook provides an overview of recent trends and nearterm prospects for the transport sector at a global level. Better but not good enough oecd economic outlook presentation june 2017 from oecd. After the 2012 slowdown global economic growth is expected to pick up gradually through 2017.

This recession is related to lower production in the oil and gas sectors. The world economy will continue to strengthen in 2018 and 2019, with global gdp growth projected to rise to about 4%, from 3. Global economic outlook 2017 asian institute of finance. Southeast asia the food and agriculture sector is faced with a critical global challenge. It contains forecast and analysis of the economic situation of the oecd member countries. In its forecasts, the oecd predicted global growth rates will rise to 3. It highlights how oecd countries and partner economies are taking advantage of information and communication technologies icts and the internet to meet their public policy objectives. Equatorial guinea african economic outlook 2017 real gdp contracted by 8. Botswana african economic outlook 2017 the economy recovered in 2016 to 2. The upturn in the global it cycle points to improving prospects for. With global growth showing signs of modest improvement in 2017, the oecd has started new analysis on boosting the participation of individuals, regions, and small businesses in the global. Nevertheless, growth is still expected to be lower than in the five years prior to 2008, and a. The oecd factbook, published yearly and available online, as an iphone app and in print. The global upswing in economic activity is strengthening, with global growth projected to rise to 3.

Economic outlook no 103 july 2018 longterm baseline projections. The biennial oecd digital economy outlook examines and documents evolutions and emerging opportunities and challenges in the digital economy. Presentation to symposium on the role of southern new mexico in the economy nmsu, las cruces october 18, 20. Oecd says global economic outlook has improved financial. Balance of payments and international investment position 44 annex table 1. Overview of the world economic outlook projections 2 scenario table 1. Global economic outlook introduction by ira kalish a s 2017 begins, the global economic environment is characterized by new political realities. In the united states, there is a new president with ideas and goals different from those of his predecessor.

Broadbased upward revisions in the euro area, japan, emerging asia, emerging europe, and russia more than offset downward revisions for the united states and the united kingdom. Global parliamentary network, paris 11 october 2017 oecd digital economy outlook 2017 dirk pilat, oecd deputy director for science, technology and innovation, dirk. It also presents longterm projections for transport demand to 2050 for freight. Containing the epidemic and protecting people is the policy priority. Join this briefing for findings and analysis from the global economic outlook 2017 report, and a. The oecd economic outlook is the oecds twiceyearly analysis of the major economic trends and prospects for the next two years. Presentation at global parliamentary network, 11 october 2017 1. However, policy uncertainty, especially from the us, could upset the benign outlook. Growth has been disappointingly low and persistent growth shortfalls have weighed on future output expectations, thereby holding back current spending and potential output growth. Insight report the global risks report 2017 12th edition. Turkey 2018 publication 2018 international trade by commodity statistics, volume 2019 issue 6 publication 2019. World economic outlook, selected topics 229 imf executive board discussion of the outlook, april 2017 237 tables table 1. The ieo2017 is the first ed ition of this report to include mo del results through 2050, which are available on the ieo page of the eia website. The first hint of spring is in the air leaving this economic outlook in a position of cautious optimism.

Eias international energy outlook 2017 ieo2017 presents an assessment of longterm world energy markets. The countries study draws on the 2017 oecd report the political economy of biodiversity policy reform. Global economic growth has peaked, warns oecd business. Growth prospects remain favourable but crucially depend on continued rebound in the global diamond market, improved reliability in electricity and. Through comparative evidence, it informs policy makers of.

Fall in government interest payments estimated budget gains over 201517 due to lower interest rates. Oecd interim economic outlook, march 2017 3 this comes against the background of a fiveyear period where the global economy has been in a lowgrowth trap. Oecd june 2017 economic outlook after junes eu referendum result, the oecd was, like many forecasters, forced to. Oecd economic outlook, volume 2017 issue 1 oecd ilibrary. The economic outlook by the oecd, published at the end of november 2018, adds to the global picture by showing how, as digitalization spreads, the divide between highskill, lowroutine jobs and lowskill, highroutine work continues to grow, posing the risk of further widening inequalities. Economic outlook is a twiceyearly analysis available for online viewing, download, and in print published by the organisation for economic cooperation and development oecd with economic analysis and forecasts for future economic performance of oecd countries. General assessment of the macroeconomic situation pdf. The projections in this economic outlook offer the prospect that fiscal initiatives could catalyse private economic activity and push the global economy to the modestly higher growth rate of. Guinea bissau african economic outlook 2017 projected real gdp growth of about 5% in 2017 and 2018 is expected to strengthen the posttransition. The projections reflect slight improvements in the global economy since the previous interim economic outlook in september 2017, but also concerns about longterm momentum.

In 2017, global economic growth is estimated to have reached 3. The global risks report 2017, 12th edition is published by the world economic forum within the framework of the global competitiveness and risks team. The oecd projects that the global economy will grow by 3. The political economy of biodiversity policy reform. Imf, world bank and oecd update global economic forecasts.

Global growth to pick up slowly through 2017, but downside factors still remain. World economic outlook international monetary fund. Session note responsible business conduct and state. It contains a large selection of timely statistical indicators. This edition looks at how the main policy, economic and technological changes since. The rapid deployment and falling costs of clean energy technologies. World economic outlook, october 2019 international monetary fund.

Global economic momentum, which began picking up in h2 of 2016, will push growth rates higher in 2017 and 2018. Oecd economic outlook, volume 2017 issue 2 oecd ilibrary. London, april 20, 2017 prnewswire the year 2017 will be the sixth year of global stagnation and the global economic outlook indicates a slowgrowing global economy, ranging from 3. The world economic outlook weo is a survey by the imf staff published twice a.

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