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Say hello to the most valuable player in your hvacr business. Fieldpiece hg3 wireless hvac guide system analyzer. Fieldpiece pioneered modular expandability, a concept where a single meter uses multiple slideon accessory head instruments, to test most parameters hvacr technicians use everyday. Check out our selection of fieldpiece hvac analyzer from the best brands and manufacturers. Fieldpiece accessory heads are used with stick meters or a standard digital multimeter to measure a variety of hvac related parameters. Download a free version and see what its like to have a righthand man everywhere you go. After the hvac guide software is installed, connect to a computer to. Fieldpiece instruments designs handheld test instruments exclusively for hvacr technicians. Fieldpiece hg3 hvac guide wireless ac system analyzer provides the user with 12 live, wireless measurements so that data can be streamed and monitored while. Click here to download hg3 firmware update instructions in pdf format. If youre looking for testers or meters, you need the best quality. Connect the usb cable to your pc then connect the miniusb end to your hg3.

Fieldpiece hg3 hg3, hvac guide system analyzer overview. Click the button under the hvac guide system analyzer section on the downloads page. If you have trouble connecting your hg3 to your pc make sure the hg3 pc software. Ensure com with pc on the hg3 display is highlighted and press enter. If youre looking for testing devices, you need the best quality. Job link wirelessly connects all your tools and helps you be more efficient and more profitable in less time. Hvac guide system analyzer software must be installed on your pc before you download and install firmware. Fieldpiece hg3 wireless hvac guide system analyzer price and. Fieldpiece pioneered modular expandability, a concept where a single meter uses multiple slideon accessory head hvacr instruments to test most parameters field technicians use everyday. Fieldpiece hg3 hvac guide system analyzer tequipment. The fieldpiece hg3 also features automatic cfm measurement, datalogging for multiple parameters, and is compatible with the full line of fieldpiece accessory. Fieldpiece job link enhances your trusted hvacr tools by connecting them to your mobile device through your fieldpiece jl2. Connects to fieldpiece hg3 device for customer and system tracking.

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