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Siemens industry catalog automation technology industrial communication profinet drive systems sinamics s highperformance drives sinamics s120 builtin units. Simotion motion control communication hmk automation. Profinet configuration error can be sporadically output for profinet shared device after powering up. Faults and alarms list of faults and alarms siemens ag 2011 all rights reserved sinamics g120 control units cu230p2 parameter manual lh9, 012011. Sinamics s120 portable generator pdf manual download. Identification product identifier brandt sequestar 7. A description of the installation and wiring of your 317t2dp cpu is found in the getting. Control unit 320 cu320, description, safety information. Cu320 2dp profibus interface available with firmware v4. Siemens 6sl30401ma010aa0, sinamics control unit, cu3202 pn 24vdc, 6sl30401ma010aa0. There is the cu3202 dp, which is the 6sl30401ma000aa0, and the cu3202 pn, which is the 6sl30401ma010aa0. The cu3202 control unit is a multiaxis control module for operating motor modules in the booksize, chassis and.

Sinamics s120 commissioning manual industry support siemens. Sinamics s120 equipment manual for booksize compact. These multidrive control units increase axis count and functionality. Sinamics s120 with cu3202 or cu3102 hardware prerequisites. It is inserted into the appropriate slot on the cu310 or cu320 control unit. After logging in you will see your user specific settings and prices as well as having other functions at your disposal. Faults are present at the cu320 2dp, which cannot be acknowledged. Recommended use refer to label recommended restrictions none known. Have the maximum permissible cable lengths between the frequency converter and the motor depending. Product details for part siemens 6sl30401ma000aa0 sinamics. Connection of the sinamics s120 to the technology cpu product information, 092011, a5e0048037804 7 definitions and warnings 1 purpose of document this document presents the most important standard options to use the sinamics s120 drive system on the cpu 31xt2 dp technology cpu. A drivecliq cable to connect the cu3202 dp to the sinamics. Ever since the covid19 outbreak began, siemens has been continuously implementing measures to protect its employees and will continue to do so rigorously. This manual contains notices you have to observe in order to ensure your personal safety, as well as to prevent damage to property.

The spi master communicates with the at25df321a via the spi bus which is comprised of four signal lines. Siemens industry catalog drive technology converters lowvoltage converters standard performance frequency converters sinamics g drive converter chassis units control unit and control unit kit cu320 2. Engineering manual sinamics low voltage pdf format. The underlying file format is the portable document format pdf, which is based on postscript. Device operation the at25df321a is controlled by a set of instructions that are sent from a host controller, commonly referred to as the spi master. Sinamics s120 control units university of belgrade. Control unit and control unit kit cu3202 industry mall.

Alternatives are to wire a temporary switch to a cu input and use that to control the line module, or connect the line input start to an internal signal that is always on if you have an estop that can disable the line module if you need to turn it off quickly. Sinamics g120 control units cu240be2 parameter manual lh11, 052010 scaling specification of the reference quantity to which the signal value will be converted. Sinamics s120, control units and supplementary system. Parallel operation of communication interfaces for cu320. Other functions can definitely also run together with sinamics s120. Apr 25, 2017 there are two sinamics s120 cu320 modules. Siemens sinamics s120 equipment manual pdf download. With this function the ids found are listed according to number format. Siemens sinamics control unit for s120, profibus, cu3202 dp 6sl30401ma000aa0 cu3202 dp order code.

Any document you would normally print, can instead be turned into pdf, which represents the exact appearance of the printed document. As there is only position control for drive axis supported on the cu3202 and no position control for encoders available there is a dive object type servo on the cu3202 where encoder settings and specification for mechanic can be made. Siemens sinamics control unit for s120, profibus, cu3202 dp. Warranty factory return the product siemens 6sl30400ma000aa1 control unit sinamics cu320 is under warranty for a workshop return, where a repair will be carried out or a replacement provided, throughout its entire contractual period subject to conditions. We can give you a discount of 2% on 6sl30401ma010aa0 siemens sinamics cu320 2pn if you choose payment in advance on ordering. To use other phone functionality while keeping music playing in the background, press the right soft key for options, then press for minimize 1. What is the max no of motors that we can connect to a cu320 2 pn reply to thread. Ask us about siemens 6sl30401ma010aa0, cu320 2 pn control unit repairs. The cu3202 is an updated version of the cu320 with additional interfaces and the latest software features via updated firmware. Siemens 6sl30401ma010aa0 refurbished and repair service. View and download mitsubishi ex320ust user manual online. Login registration as an already registered user simply enter your userame and password in the login page in the appropriate fields. View and download siemens sinamics s120 manual online. Usageoperation sinamics s120 commissioning manual sinamics s120s150 list manual maintenanceservicing sinamics s120 commissioning manual sinamics s120s150 list manual references sinamics s120s150 list manual target group this documentation is intended for machine manufacturers, commissioning engineers, and service personnel who use the.

Cu3202pn profinet interface available with firmware v4. The firmware versions that can be used depend on the hardware release of the control units. Permission is granted to copy, distribute andor modify this document under the terms of the gnu free documentation license, version 1. The p320 glazing bar can also be supplied as a hipped glazing bar which uses. High degree of flexibility for successful machine concepts as a member of the new sinamics drive family, the sinamics s120 drive is part of the modular drive system for high. Sinamics s120 control units compactflash card for cu310 and cu320 226 siemens d 21. Siemens industry catalog marketspecific solutions machine building machine tools sinumerik 840 sinamics s120 drive system control units cu320 2 control units. Sinamics sinamics g120 control units cu240e cu240s cu240s dp cu240s dpf cu240s pn cu240s pnf operating instructions 032009. Application description 092014 motion control applications. Pdf acrobat acrobat is the name for a family of document interchange products written by adobe systems, inc. A maximum of 16 terminal modules can be connected to the cu3202. Cu3102 control units for singleaxis drives industry.

To play mp3 songs, an optional transflash card and card reader are required. Sinamics s120 commissioning manual commissioning manual applies to. Product datasheet characteristics lad4cm tesys d mechanical interlock main range of product tesys d device short name lad4 product or component type mechanical interlock accessory separate part category interlocking accessory interlocking type mechanical poles description 3p 4p electrical circuit type reversing changeover. Siemens 6sl30401ma010aa0 sinamics cu320 2pn industry. The userfriendly dcc editor supports easy graphical configura. Changeover, cu240s to sinamics s110 with cu305 firmware v4. This manual is valid for simotion scout product level v4. In addition, you can save money with our attractive graduation prizes with every purchase.

Cu3202 either a profibus or a profinet interface is avail able as standard. Connection of the sinamics s120 to the technology cpu. Siemens 6sl30400ma000aa1 control unit sinamics cu320 cnc. We offer you 6sl30401ma010aa0 siemens sinamics cu320 2pn always at the best possible price. Thanks to the extensive range of drives in the g120 range, they are suitable for numerous industries and sectors including chemical, textiles, printing. Control units cu3202 pn and cu3202 dp of the sinamics s system are designed for use with several. Cu320 control unit with tb30 terminal board 6sl30400ma000aa1. The userfriendly dcc editor enables easy graphical configuration and. Commissioning manual with starter industry support siemens. Leds after the control unit cu320 has booted siemens.

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